I’m going on a journey, and I’m starting today. My head is wet, and I’m on my way. Christ’s mark is on me; it’s on you, too; it says he loves me, and he loves you, too! 

-ELW Hymn 446 “I’m going on a Journey” by Kenneth D. Larken

In the next two months, we’re going on a journey with God’s people, the Israelites, through the wilderness towards the Promised Land! As God’s people walk the wilderness road, they encounter challenges & opportunities:

• Where will they find food and water in a barren desert landscape?
• How will they live as free people now that they are no longer slaves?
• What will determine how they treat one another as members of a new community?

As we prepare to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, we will reflect not only on how our fore-bearers in faith have brought us to where we are today, but we will also ponder what steps we need to take to guide our community forward. How are we called to adapt and change to set our community of faith on a path towards a promising future?

• Where will we find energy and renewal in an environment of constant busy-ness?
• How are we called to live as people freed from our past mistakes through grace?
• What will determine how we treat our neighbors, especially those who are different from us?

You are invited to share a story about someone who has walked with you on your journey of faith. What inspiration and words of wisdom have they given you?  At the bottom of this post, you will find a few questions.  Please email your answers to me at or mail to the church’s address. These stories will be incorporated into our worship experience in the coming months.

Just as God’s people began their journey by passing through the waters of the Red Sea, we began our journey as children of God by passing through the waters of baptism. In baptism, God claimed us as children, marked us with the cross of Christ, and blessed us with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Knowing with confidence that God is with us for every step of our faith journey, how will we choose to walk in the world as children of God?

I look forward to walking with each one of you as we listen for God’s call and chooseour path into the future!

In Christ,
Pastor Kat

Fall Worship Series in September & October:
Our Forbearers in Faith

Who has inspired you with their faithful witness?

Submit your stories to Pr. Kat at, and they will be shared during worship.

Your Name: _______________________________________________
Name of Forbearer: _______________________________________________
Relation to Forbearer (How do you know this person?): _____________________________
What about this person’s life inspired you? ___________________________________
Is there a lesson or phrase this person shared with you that is especially meaningful?

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