In Pentecost, we celebrate that we, the people, have been given an Advocate to accompany us. An Advocate! Sounds like a Law and Order episode!

Legal thrillers, in book, film, or TV series, belong to a whole genre in which lawyers find themselves advocating for justice on behalf of people who are suffering at the hands of the wealthy, the powerful, the criminal, or a corrupt justice system.

The Gospel reading for the Day of Pentecost, Sunday, June 5, includes the specific note in which Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will come as the Advocate, St. John 14.25-27. Imagine that gospel story as a legal thriller in which Jesus gives up his life to win the case for his client – all of humanity! – and God sends the Holy Spirit to continue to advocate for peace and grace on behalf of those whose case has been won.

On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is poured out in wind and fire, on water, and on bread and wine. The Holy Spirit abides in us and among us. When God sends forth God’s own Spirit, all living things are created and the earth itself is renewed. The Day of Pentecost invites us to consider what it means to be dilled with the Spirit, the very breath of Yahweh, and how we can be co-renewers of creation.

We give thanks that God speaks to each of us, no matter our ethnic origin, our national language, or our life pathway. When different faith traditions speak with a united voice, [for instance on climate and environment change, with every one honoring each other’s voice and uniqueness!] – this is a Pentecost-inspired moment and an advocacy-necessary movement. Thus filled with the Spirit of Truth, we go out from worship to proclaim the saving power of Christ’s love and the freedom of God’s grace with all the world.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful people, and kindle in us the fire of your love.

Pastor Genszler

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