Join Us for Outdoor Worship

We are excited to offer the option of in-person outdoor worship on the lawn next door to the Activity Center at 26 First Avenue – Sundays at 9:30

Why outdoors? Meeting outdoors is safer during this time when we are taking precautions against the spread of coronavirus. The virus spreads through touching common surfaces and inhaling air droplets. Being outdoors eliminates the need to touch common surfaces like doorknobs and also provides natural air circulation to disperse droplets.

What should I bring with me? You must bring enough seats for everyone in your family. You must also bring enough masks for everyone in your family. You may bring your financial giving with you. There will be a container at the entrance for financial contributions.

When should I wear my mask? You must wear your mask when you are entering the worship space and exiting the worship space. Once you are seated, and, safely socially distanced (six feet) from other families, you may remove your mask during worship. If you need to get up and move around, we ask that you put your mask back on.

Will worship be different? Worship outdoors will look very similar to our online worship services. One major change is music. Presently, there is a lot of uncertainty about how singing may spread the virus even with a mask, so we are asking the congregation not to sing for your safety. Most of the music will be instrumental. There may be one or two people singing on the stage, but we will take precautions to further distance any singers from the congregation.

What happens if it rains? If there should be inclement weather, worship will be held online only, and in-person outdoor worship will be cancelled. This will be announced Saturday evening on our church website and Facebook page.

Can I still worship online? Yes, we will continue to offer online worship. We are hoping to stream outdoor worship live to our church Facebook page at 9:30 AM. Worship will also be uploaded and posted to our church website.